Korea is full of ambiguities in the rainy season when nature is at the height of its beauty, it also gives beautiful beauty to the waterfall formed on some important rivers in Korea district. This waterfall automatically sheds its beauty, it is made completely natural. Water falls attracts nearby people. In this district there are several such water falls like Amritdhara, Gaurghat, Ramdah, Chyul Waterfall, All of these are waterfall only Amritdhara built in a tourism area with the help of the district administration. Other waterfalls have not yet been developed in that form. However, local or near by district people often go there for walking, picnics etc. during main waterfall

Tourist places in Korea district are as follows:

  1. Amritdhara Waterfall: This waterfall has been developed in the form of tourism sector with the help of district administration.
  2. Gaurghat Waterfall: This waterfall is naturally developed/li>
  3. Akuri Nala: This waterfall is naturally developed
  4. Pondi jagannath Temple, Chirmiri
  5. Ramdaha Waterfall: This waterfall is naturally developed
  6. Chyul waterfall: This waterfall is naturally developed
  7. Guru Ghasidas National Park
  8. Korea Palace, Baikunthpur : This palace can be seen with the help of a servant who maintains it.