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Information / Content Upload Form in District Website 01/03/2021 This form should be submit for uploading recruitment or tender or departmental Information content into district website. View (619 KB)
Office collector and District Election Officer Korea-form 7 25/08/2018 View
Office collector and District Election Officer Korea-form 6 25/08/2018 View
Application form under the Chief Minister’s Labor Equipment Scheme 12/04/2018 View (161 KB)
Application for registration as beneficiary with approved letter 12/04/2018 View (356 KB)
Chief minister’s Child Auditory Planning scheme 11/04/2018 View (253 KB)
Format of application form for Assistance under Chief Minister’s Child Heart Protection Scheme 11/04/2018 View (715 KB)
Registration application for National Health Insurance Scheme and CM Health Insurance Scheme 11/04/2018 View (217 KB)
Application form for assistance from Sanjivani Fund 11/04/2018 View (982 KB)
BPL Electrical Connection & Application Form for Annexure 11/04/2018 View (205 KB)