Below given table display Right To Information of some department of Korea district.

Department-Wise RTI
S.No. Department RTI (Download / Link)
1 Office of the District Senani Nagar Sena  download(402 KB)
2 Office Of Tehsil Manendragarh  Download(1.2 MB)
3 Department of Tribal and Schedule Tribal  Download(1.34 MB)
4 District Treasury   Download(500 KB)
5 Office Of Planning And Statistic   Download(125 KB)
6 Labour Court Manendragarh  Download(1.91 MB)
7 Office Of Collector Korea (Revenue)  Download(915 KB)

Note: What is Right to Information act 2005 ? How it does function ? Please download below pdf file that describe in details about this act.

Download(811 KB)